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Looking for a way to share local news and general kindness around the Cockburn Gateway community? Our new ‘Messages to the community’ page is a great way to spread positivity during this uncertain time.

Plus, we’ll be sharing your community messages each week on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Submissions welcome below!

JIMMY L - Success - 7 May 2020
Mum's the sugar in my Iced Tea; Caffeine for my Coffee; Special in all sincerity; Obviously not ordinary

Kerry G - Como - 7 May 2020
Mum thanks for being my biggest supporter for nearly 60 years.

Viv - Success - 6 May 2020
Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mum it’s been really hard this ISO & not being Iable to see you, hopefully soon much love from all of us

Shahad A - LANDSDALE - 6 May 2020
My inspiration, My champion, My sunshine in the darkness! You've been through a lot, mostly by my hands, yet you're still kind-hearted, compassionate, and a beautiful soul. I love the way you love, an unconditional love, and now, with a bub of my own, I see and appreciate all your sacrifices. I love you dearly

Richelle G - Success - 6 May 2020
My gorgeous besties Jayne, Sonia and Denise I thank you for supporting me through so many of life’s challenges. And may my mum RIP - 15 years this year 🥰

Thomas C - Spearwood - 6 May 2020
Happy Mothers Day Grandma!!! I love you

Claire - Byford - 5 May 2020
Being a Mother is not easy and even more when they have to carry the responsibility on their own and without the support of anyone. On this Mother’s day, I send lots of love to those single mother warriors of life that do not give up

Marika - PIARA WATERS - 4 May 2020
To all the Mums out there, you are all super heroes trying to balance life at this awkward time to keep things going whether it’s at home with the kids, or juggling work too. You got this! I hope you have the awesome Mother’s Day you deserve. A special shout out to my mum too. Missing you so much, can’t wait to see when they open the borders to the regions! Xxx

Alessandra F - Aubin Grove - 4 May 2020
My Mum is the greatest because she looks after me and I love her very much.

Kristie T - Success - 4 May 2020
To my wonderful mum, Happy Mothers Day, you are our rock, thank you for everything you do for us and your grand babies, without you we would be completely lost, we love you so much, you deserve to be pampered always xx.

Allison L - Coogee - 4 May 2020
6 weeks in isolation has taken it;s toll, we miss you Mum and can't wait to see your lovely smile everyday SOON:-) xxx

Rosalba D - Samson - 4 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother thank you for caring and loving me love Amber

Amy - Kwinana - 4 May 2020
Thanks for everything you do for all of us Mum, you're the best!

Marianne T - Oakford - 4 May 2020
A selfless, hardworking mother/grandmother who would do anything for her family for her family.

Leanne - Munster - 4 May 2020
Yesterday whilst at Gateways a lovely man found my keys he waited till I returned to the spot I left them so that no-one would get them. Thankfully he wasn't waiting to long. I was relived to find them and he was too, that they hadn't made there way into the wrong hands.

naomi c - coolbellup - 4 May 2020
Mum your amazing! just want you to know. Thanks for all you do for us. Love your Daughter and Grandkids xx

Leah M - South Lake - 4 May 2020
Happy Mother’s Day Mum x And a happy Mother’s Day to all the local mums! Hope you have a lovely day celebrating with your special people ?

Donna B - Aubin Grove - 4 May 2020
Mothers are our angels on earth. To every mum out there enjoy your day xx

Mahdi K W - Harrisdale - 4 May 2020
This is a shout out to my sister Mara. You may doubt it at times but YOU ARE A FANTASTIC MUM! You always persevere despite the kinder to yourself. You are a fantastic warm-hearted lady.

Carolyn J - Mount Richon - 3 May 2020
For all the mothers who are struggling in any way, sending wishes for hope and relief. Much love to you.

Alexis G - Manning - 3 May 2020
To the one and only woman whom bought me into the world and gave me the strength to get through every day with your love and guidance. I thank you for every word, every thought and every hug you gave me. Thanks a million mum, I love you.

Chloe - Success - 3 May 2020
Wishing my lovely mum a wonderful Mother's Day!! Missing you like crazy and cant wait to give you a big hug once the regional boarders open!

Suzie J - Success - 3 May 2020
For our mums - you bring us hope, you share our worlds and you always show us love x

James - South lake - 3 May 2020
Thank you granny for looking after me while mum and dad have had to work so they have not had to take time off. Mum and dad really appreciate it!!!

Amelia L - Beeliar - 3 May 2020
I love you mum so much and Am wishing you and all the mums in Cockburn a happy Mother's Day. I am very appreciative of what you do for the family. Love you xx

Kandaswamy R R - Canning Vale - 3 May 2020
Sudha my lovely wife, for being a great Mom to our 3 Children and being a God mother to many Children, facilitating Mindfulness worshop. Blessing and best wishes on Mother's Day.

Alicia - Lake Coogee - 3 May 2020
Have an amazing Mothers day to all the mother's in our community, I hope they all have a beautiful day with their children where possible. ❤⚘

Lisa S - Hammond Park - 3 May 2020
For my sister. We both lost our Mum in December and it would be nice to share this with her in honour of our beautiful Mum. Love you sis xx

Sabrina - Kardinya - 2 May 2020
My Mum is my greatest cheerleader, a wonderful support and I love her so very much So ever grateful to her and would love to have a wonderful brunch with her as we don't really get to spend quality time together theses days.

Evelyn M - Piara waters - 2 May 2020
To the most amazing wife to be . Your an amazing mum I couldn't think of a better stronger person to help hold us together , you always there for us When ever we need love you so much . We appreciate every little hung you do for us

Ann L C - Cockburn - 2 May 2020
To the most caring and loving mum in the world have a awesome Mother's Day!

Kanav - Success - 2 May 2020
Hello momma! Happy First Mother's Day ever. I know your love for coffee and brunches so I hope I, your first baby, becomes your lucky charm to celebrate our first Mother's Day at The Coffee Club

Sudha K - Cockburn - 2 May 2020
Mum love you loads for all the little things and big things you do not only for us but for everyone you know. Love your valour and selfless love Mum!! Mwaah, your children Abhijay, Tapiwa and Sri

Tammy Foster - Hammond Park - 2 May 2020
Wishing all Mums a wonderful day with there sons or daughters. This will be my first Mother's Day without my mum. If you are celebrating with yours treasure every moment and tell them how much you love them. You never know when it will be your last ❤️

Abbid - Halls Head - 2 May 2020
Thank you for being the best mum in the world to our 4 children! Xxxx

Louise H - Bibra Lake - 2 May 2020
You have been my Mum (& my Dad) for the past 26 years & its been really hard not seeing you whilst in isolation, so let's go out for brunch to The Coffee Club! Happy Mother's Day Mum xxxxx

Celyse K - Success - 2 May 2020
Happy mothers day to my mum and sons grandmother. There is nothing better for when your blue then a hug and kind word from you. Your there for us at any time and for that we cannot thankyou enough. We miss you heaps and looking forward to the time we get to meet again, to have a coffee and a good old chat.

Sandra L - Seville Grove - 2 May 2020
I love my Mum so much, despite the distance that separates us. I am sending her hugs and kisses for her on Mother's Day. I am blessed and grateful my Mum is still in this world, God bless Mum.

Marianne S - Success - 2 May 2020
To my wonderful friend Nicola. A Mum. Who has been doing it hard for awhile now, but is on the up and up now. Bright days ahead. Nicola you deserve a treat. Xx

Mandy - Yangebup - 2 May 2020
Mum, you are amazing. I hope you have a wonderful mothers day xx

Kristeen M - BIBRA LAKE - 2 May 2020
Especially during recent times, we've seen Mums going to extraordinary lengths to protect their children and families and them safe... My Mum is no exception and i am truly grateful for that. Love you Mum (AKA Nan)

Irina D - Banjup - 2 May 2020
We have recently received kids'club activities packs and it's lighted up ours kids faces with a big smiles. Dear Cockburn Gateway , thank you very much for your amazing support and thoughts through this strange times. Happy Mum.

Hayley L - Hammond park - 2 May 2020
Xu would love to win this. Thank you for the chance cockburn gateways central! X

Maria - Success - 2 May 2020
To all mums out there “love ya “

Mila M - lake coogee - 2 May 2020
love you to the moon and back nana OXOXO

Cathryn C - Kardinya - 2 May 2020
To a wonderful mother in law A, I hope you have a great Mother's Day in isolation. Your children are amazing.

Natasha R - Coolbellup - 2 May 2020
Thankyou Mum, got everything you've done and do for all of us, we all love you so much .

Jacob, maisie and rhys T - Success - 2 May 2020
Thank you for all that you do for us and for others. we love you lots and lots

Veronique G - Piará Waters - 2 May 2020
Thankyou for all your sacrifices you have made for us and teaching right from wrong. Happy Mother's Day!

Caira S - Beeliar - 2 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day to my Sissy Emma Green!! She is an amazing Mum and also helps Mother my 4!

Ann S - Parmelia - 2 May 2020
To all the wonderful mothers out there. You're doing a great job, we can do it with the help and support for each other. We've got this! Hang in there

Kerry M - COCKBURN CENTRAL - 2 May 2020
Dear Mum, you are awesome! Although we are on opposite sides of the country, I know I can call on you at any time and you will listen to me, and vice versa. I am so grateful for the technology that keeps us together despite being a long way apart!! Lots of love n hugs, Kerry.

Emily L - South Lake - 2 May 2020
To my dear sisters who are the BESTEST MUMS in the world who have emulated my late mum! Selfless, kind, generous and loving! Have an amazing Mother's Day-you DESERVE it! So blessed to have you in our lives!

Helen M - Rockingham - 2 May 2020
Mum, you are my hero, my best friend, the most wonderful, generous and beautiful mum i could ever ask for, thank you for being my mum, i love you xx

Jasmine T - Wellard - 2 May 2020
Happy mother's day to all the wonderful mums out there! Being a new mum i have a massive renewed appreciation for all the things that mums do! You are all wonderful!

Sylvia L - Piara Waters - 2 May 2020
Thanks to mum for always being there for us and being such a inspiration and wonderful Grandmother.

Luci M - Canning Vale - 2 May 2020
Dear Mum during your 89 year lifetime you've experienced many triumphs and suffered numerous tragedies . This Mother's Day will be different but my love for you will remain the same. Love you Mum, Happy Mother's Day! xx

Geetha - Piara waters - 2 May 2020
Happy mother's to all wonderful mums I am doing family daycare we have been visiting cockburn shopping events for every special avocations, my children are really happy to visit events but due to Covid -19 can't attend fun,

Carol T - Waikiki - 2 May 2020
To my daughter who is a wonderful mother, wife and daughter and during these trying times she has taken on the role as my Mum, how the tables have turned. She checks on me almost daily runs around for me and tells me not to leave the house because ........ She is a very caring wonderful person who puts everyone's needs before her own very rarely doing anything special for herself.

Hayley - Harrisdale - 2 May 2020
My mum my best friend and now my kids get her as their nan! Nothing more precious than family love

Manqoosh G - Atwell - 2 May 2020
Love you so much my mother . You are my true inspiration of life .

Ryan B - Success - 2 May 2020
All you mums have a wonderful and happy mother's Day 😘

Ben & Kate - 1 May 2020
You’re the best mum in the whole wide world! We hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day. Love, Ben and Kate.

John S - 1 May 2020
I hope all the mothers and women in the community have a great day!

Mark V - South lake - 1 May 2020
To my beautiful wife and mother of my 3 wonderful kids have a great day we all love you and couldn't do anything without you help and I wisdom.

Brianna C - Hammond Park - 1 May 2020
Thanks mum & all the other amazing women and mum figures for continuing to do you during this pandemic. You are all amazing!

Janelle O - Piara Waters - 1 May 2020
Each breath at a time, each minute at at time, each say at a time

Aimee - Banjup - 1 May 2020
To the best Mum in the world, Thank you for everything you do for me, I am so grateful. I hope you enjoy your Mother's Day. Love, Aimee.

Luke & Michael D - Coodanup - 1 May 2020
Dearest Mum – “I feel a great joy because I know that the Lord loves me and makes good people surround me, especially my Mom with love and affection positively influenced my life, so I wish you all the best on this Mother's day. God allowed me to reach the world through an exemplary woman. Best Wishes Mark, Luke Pitea and Michael Thomas D.

Ellen S - Coolbellup - 1 May 2020
You are always here for me even if we are having an argument. This year has been tough with losing Bonnie (Maltese shitzu) and your sister in Ireland last night. I wish I could do more but at least we are together. Love you mum

Gemma - Atwell - 1 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day to my Mother and me❤️😘

Pam J - Yangebup - 1 May 2020
My mum is no longer with us, but I would love to share brunch with my son - he is my only child and Ive missed him so much for the last few weeks.

Brianna H - Willagee - 1 May 2020
Thank you to all the kind hearted women who are kind, humble and do selfless acts. Thank you mum for bring me into this world as your the woman who gave me life.

Sushma D - Success - 1 May 2020
miss you mom every minute and every day and i live away from you as i am settled here and you are with my brother but i always get inspired by your words and actions and i memorise my childhood days spent with you and my family .Thankyou is a small word to say the amount work and the sacrifices you have done for us as a family.

Veronica D - Hammond Park - 1 May 2020
To all the mothers out there, keep being amazing parents but don't forget to look after your self. Enjoy this Mother's Day with your beautiful family 😊

Mae D - Wattleup - 1 May 2020
Best mother-in-law in the world

YingSing C - Aubin Grove - 1 May 2020
Thank you mum for your contribution to our family for this while. I love you to the infinity and beyond.

Jessica - Spearwood - 1 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mum Donna & MIL Catherine!

Sharon M - Atwell - 1 May 2020
My mum looked after me during my breast cancer I would love to give her a surprise thank you

Ash D - Beeliar - 1 May 2020
Hi Amanda you are such a beautiful mum to our 3 kids hard working and still on the front line in these times. You deserve this!

Alisi Z - HAMMOND PARK - 1 May 2020
Lots of love and positive vibes yo all the amazing mums out there doing everything they can for their kids, families, friends and community and rarely have anything left over for themselves. We see you and we love you ❤❤

Deirdre T - BEELIAR - 1 May 2020
Hope to see you at Christmas miss you more than youll ever know love you Mammy xxxx

Danae - Hammond Park - 1 May 2020
A chat with Mum or a grandmother nearly always makes things ok!

Melinda - Spearwood - 1 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day Mum, you do everything for all of us and you mean the world to us. Love you today and forever xx

Amanda S - HAMILTON HILL - 1 May 2020
To a mum, You are doing an amazing job! You may not be perfect, but you are perfect for your children. Keep swimming, you are doing a wonderful job xx

Brooke - Atwell - 1 May 2020
Thank you Mum for always being so kind, loving and generous.. not only to me and our immediate family but to all the sisterhood, extended family and your amazing friends! We love you x

Vanessa G - South Guildford - 1 May 2020
Dear Aunt Sally- you have been my second Mum since I was 12 and you looked after Elaine and I in Scotland.Have Mother's Day xx

Jason - Willetton - 1 May 2020
I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe. I just wanted to remind everybody that every day is a new beginning so take a deep breath, smile, and start again! Remember to stay at 1.5 meters away from each other even though it's hard because I know everyone loves each other!

Sarah L - Canning Vale - 1 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day to me, because I know I'm an awesome one 💁🏻‍♀️

Zoe M - Success - 1 May 2020
I want to celebrate all the Mum's out there who have been looking after their families during this difficult time xx hope everyone is getting spoilt today with love

Danielle M - Yangebup - 1 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day mum! I am thankful you are in my life and you are appreciated. Love you! Xx

Tracey B - Atwell - 1 May 2020
A Mother's Love will still outshine this Pandemic .. As it's a Love like No other and even as healthcare workers and a newborn in our home we will make the most of our special day .We Miss our weekly catch up's at the centre though.. All The Ladies of our Family know where to find us on a Wednesday “ The Office “. That's what we call it lol So look our Gateways when restrictions are lifted we will be back enjoying our Favourite Local place to be soon . Happy Mother's Day to all

Donna W - Port Kennedy - 1 May 2020
Just completed my weekly shop- thank you to the lovely ladies at Coles that are patience and kind as I slowly pack my own shopping bags!! So appreciated- you are all doing a great job!

Nola S - WANDI - 1 May 2020
A Mother's Love will still outshine this Pandemic .. As it's a Love like No other and even as healthcare workers and a newborn in our home we will make the most of our special day .We Miss our weekly catch up's at the centre though.. All The Ladies of our Family know where to find us on a Wednesday “ The Office “. That's what we call it lol So lookTo the best mum! Who never complains about anything she only loves to help her loved ones. Thankyou for all that you do xxx

Jenelle - Yangebup - 1 May 2020
As a sole business owner and a mother of three, I feel very lucky to have my musical family. I think all of the mums of my students are amazing. They support their children wholeheartedly.

Lana G - Success - 1 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day Baggy!

Mirella - Banjup - 1 May 2020
Mothers are amazing they make the world a better place to live being around them make feel loved and safe

Michelle A - Dawesville - 1 May 2020
Love you Mum. You are the best. Love you. X

Melissa - Atwell - 1 May 2020
To my beautiful Mum To the world you are a mother, but to our family you are the absolute world We love you very much 💗💗💗

Liam B - Atwell - 1 May 2020
I couldn't have chosen a more supportive and loving mum. Thanks for always being there for me!

Tim - Leeming - 1 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day Lisa! While we can't go out and celebrate, the kids are both really proud of you and grateful for everything you for us all. Plus, as a teacher during these difficult days, I'm sure your Year 4 class also see you as a surrogate mother to them at times.

Leanne W - Canning vale - 1 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day Mum. We might not get to see you on the day but have a good one ! Also happy Mother's Day to all the other Mums and Nannas.

Callum and Rory - BEELIAR - 1 May 2020
To Mummy, thank you for all that you do. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication of looking ud and your patients during this time. You are always thinking or caring for other people, today is about you so happy Mothers day. With all pur love your Boys Callum and Rory

Samantha H - North Lake - 1 May 2020
To all the mum's and especially mine let's celebrate how amazing you are, the unsung essential workers.

Josue - Success - 1 May 2020
Didi, you becoming a Mom for a second time has made me feel useless once again :D thanks for endless night and all the hard work you put everyday on feeding our little one and taking care of all us. You are the best! If some deserves to be pampered that's you! Happy Mother's Day From Jo, Seb & Baby Martin, to you and all wonderful women that do such an amazing job.

Carolyn K - beeliar - 1 May 2020
Love you so much mum happy mothers day and to all the grandmothers and Nana's xx

Julie W - Bibra Lake - 1 May 2020
My beautiful DIL

Fiona Barker - Kardinya - 1 May 2020
Happy mother's day to all the wonderful loving mums that make the world go round ❤

Shar K - South Lake - 1 May 2020
We couldn't be more happier to have you here mum. You are one in a million by far

Ashleigh - Baldivis - 1 May 2020
Mum, I love you so, that's for being the best mum And doing everything is

James S - Hamilton hill - 1 May 2020
to tasha, great job raising the four kids and helping out as essential worker in the schools as well

tasha W - hamilton hill - 1 May 2020
to my eldest daughter tamzyn,keeping your head held high with such a big smile, keep up the great work

Jenny - Success - 1 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day to all the mums doing their best and saving the day in die boredom of Covid 19

Sally C - Success - 1 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day Mum ❤️ You're the best Mother, Grandmother and Friend anyone could ever have. Your heart of gold shines as brightly as your smile, and your compassion holds people strong, even when their world feels like it's tumbling down.. I Love You, Sally xxx

Jen C - Como - 1 May 2020
I do not have all the money in the world but I'll make sure you always live like everyday is the Mother's Day.

Kirstie - Treeby - 1 May 2020
Happy Mothers Day Mum! You deserve nothing but the best day. I love you with all my heart xx

diana C - Stirling - 1 May 2020
Mum you mean so much to me , you inspire me with your positive attitude even though you are battling diabetes and also suffered through lots of major operations. I love you.

Pauline M - Success - 1 May 2020
My friend Carla, who just lost her wonderful mum, so far away, in South Africa. The power of Mother/daughter love reaching around the world.

Mel N - Nollamara - 1 May 2020
Happy Mother's Day to my absolute hero! Thanks for being my biggest supporter, inspiration, rock, hero, confidante, shoulder to cry on, motivator and my best friend. I love you Mum!

Reyhan G - Yangebup - 1 May 2020
Happy mothers day to all of the beautiful mothers (and fathers that are doing both roles). You are all equally amazing, and today we celebrate you. But we all know you deserve it everyday and more. Love to all<3 < m>

Ty'Neesha M - Cockburn, Success - 1 May 2020
To all the beautiful mums out there, We are all so very grateful to have you strong and powerful women in our lives. You all play a very important role in a lot of people's lives and you impact a person so much. I love my mum unconditionally and there is no one in this world that could ever replace her. Being a mum isn't easy so we appreciate every single thing you guys do for us. We love you so much and we hope you feel special on your very day.

Belinda - Hammond Park - 1 May 2020
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Johnny G - Camillo - 1 May 2020
To my beautiful wife and mother of my children Cherie Gemmell. You are greatly loved and appreciated and we wish you the bestest Mother's Day ever. Love your husband and beautiful Tamariki

Darren - Hammond Park - 1 May 2020
You work tirelessy everyday caring for our 7yrs old and 2 yrs old twins! You truly are amazing and such a dedicated mother to 3 crazy boys, we could not do without! We love and appreciate you, you deserve to be spolit! Happy Mother's Candice!

Susanna G - Hamilton hill - 1 May 2020
I wish all the mothers is happy and get surprised from the kids, care, love and understanding if not just be happy because you not alone and been mother for them.

Rima P - PIARA WATERS - 1 May 2020
Happy mother's Day Mumma. We thank God everyday for you. Love you!

Danuta - Atwell - 1 May 2020
No distance nor time can seperate love between Mother and the Child

Elloise B - hammond park - 1 May 2020
My mother in law. Without you, this family would not be able to survive. You are our life line. We thank you for all you have done for each on of us. You are the best mum in the world.

Timothy R - Cockburn central - 1 May 2020
A special happy mother's Day 🎉 too All Mum's.. please stay safe distance as we get through this hard time together ❣️..

Kerrie JV - Success - 1 May 2020
Mothers are everything

Simone R - Darling Downs - 1 May 2020
To my beautiful daughter who is a new mum of 2 gorgeous children, your doing a fabulous job. Love u mum xx

Dee C - Brookdale - 1 May 2020
Mum you're simply the best you go above and beyond you have the most caring heart I love the times we've shared and look forward to the day we meet again we maybe worlds apart but were always close at heart love you mum with all my heart xoxo 💝😙🌷🌼🌻🌺🌹💮🌸

Manqoosh G - Atwell - 1 May 2020
Love you so much my mother . You are my true inspiration of life .

Ryan B - Success - 1 May 2020
All you mums have a wonderful and happy mother's Day