Halloween Lunchbox Ideas

I love all the themed holidays!

I decorate the house the month leading up.  I have themed plates and cups for the kids to eat and drink off.  I do matching PJ’s and outfits.  You name it, I do it!  Yes it’s probably a bit crazy and over the top, but it brings me joy and it definitely brings joy to my kids.  I seem to have instilled it in them from a young age, because every year the kids start a countdown for every holiday and birthday so they know how long until each of them.  They also then remind me and hound me to do the decorating as soon as they know it’s coming up.

One of the little traditions I’ve started is a themed lunchbox for each holiday, and Halloween is totally my favourite!  There are so many options and fun things to play around with, and the kids get such a big kick out of it! 

If this is a tradition you’re keen to start, here are a few ideas, tips and tricks for you to take as much or little as you please.

It can be a little time consuming than a normal lunch box, so any pre-preparing is definitely recommended!


I know lollies are frowned upon in lunchboxes but at Halloween you gotta have a couple!!

Lollies are a great and easy way to add some spook to the lunchbox.  My favourite are the eyeballs.  Trolli usually do a Halloween mixed packet of lollies which have eyeballs amongst other fun things.  These can be found in Big W.  And of course there’s the good old teeth lollies that are always a hit with the kids!  If your kids are fans of licorice, the strap licorice in Woolworths is always handy to cut out legs for spiders, faces, broomsticks etc


Halloween props are also great additions to the lunchbox that are super easy but super effective.  I always have a supply of plastic spiders, skulls, and vampire teeth.  You can also find online or at specialty stores themed picks or skewers to thread fruit onto or stick into food for effect!


Sometimes just using a pop of the right colour can make the lunchbox look scary!! Anything green usually works a treat, or red or black or orange.  When planning the lunchbox, start thinking about the coloured foods that could work. 

Cookie Cutters

Having a supply of themed cookie cutters in your cupboard is a must for themed lunchboxes or parties.  Skulls, ghosts, cats, pumpkins.  They all are so effective in a lunchbox.  These can be purchased from cake decorating shops, but I have also seen them in Big W, Red Dot or specialty homewares stores like House.  Be quick though, they usually sell out fast!!

Use the cutters on:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Cheese
  • Sandwiches
  • Cookies
  • Anything soft and fairly thin

Fruit & Vegetables

One of my favourite Halloween lunchbox items is a pumpkin made out of a peeled mandarin and a piece of celery for the stalk.  So simple, easy and healthy!  You always associate Halloween with sweet treats, but it all doesn’t have to be. There are lots of ways to use fruit & veg in the lunch box to create the theme:

  • Spider made out of olives
  • Spider Made out of a date and toothpicks
  • Finger made out of a carrot and radish for the nail
  • Grapes, strawberries and blueberries on a Halloween themed pick
  • Skull cut out of avocado

Silicon Moulds and Cupcake Cases

I’m a big fan of using silicon moulds and cupcake cases to separate items out in lunchboxes.  You can also bake in them or set things in them like jelly.  These don’t need to be themed but having a few different colours is always helpful.

Cake Decorating Supplies

Again, eyes are a sure way to make things look spooky! You can buy a packet of confectionary eyes in the cake decorating section at Woolworths or any cake supply store.  Always browse through any cake decorating sections, because you never know what you might find!  I’ve found bat sprinkles, mini skeletons and ghost chocolate moulds in the past.

Creating a themed lunchbox doesn’t need to be stressful.  It should be fun for you and the kids. If you’re unsure, start small, by adding a few bits and pieces to their normal lunchbox. 

And if you can, make it a surprise!  Imagine their little faces when they open up a lunchbox that contains spiders and eyeballs.  Ewwwwwwww!!!!!

Anita x