Hero for HeartKids WA

DATE: 18 Jun 21 - 18 Jun 21

Calling All Heroes - 18th June 2021 is Hero for Heart Kids Day!

What a fun and positive way to build team morale and be a hero for all those fighting and dealing with the anxiety of this disease every day.

Make a super hero costume and dare your family, colleagues and friends to sponsor you for the 8 babies born every day in Australia with congenital heart disease. That is a family every 3 hours whose lives have changed forever.

There is no known cure and they need our help. 

The HeartKids WA community is one of the most vulnerable groups during this time. With delayed surgeries, total isolation and additional emotional stress due to their high risk situation, funds are needed more than ever to support them through this time. So bosses, co-workers, teachers, students or anyone who would like to fight crime for a day, and dress up to raise funds for HeartKids and support our children with heart disease and their families. 

You can make a donation at the Information Desk!