Your New Look Piazza

Have you seen our new look Piazza? A place to sit, eat, relax and dwell. We're improving your alfresco dining experience by adding:

  • More grass: You'll find more space to stretch, play and relax near San Churro
  • More shade: We've added big umbrellas and beautiful trees to shelter your picnics
  • More furniture: by repurposing unused materials such as tyres, wood & crates, our talented team in-house have handmade some amazing new tables and chairs, in beautiful, bright colours.
  • A brand new operator: We are excited to announce that Fish Boss is NOW OPEN in the Piazza, click here to find out more.
  • A beautiful community mural: To compliment the refreshed space, we engaged with internationally renowned artist Peter Farmer, local aspiring artists including Kayley Emery, and the local community to create a mural for the Piazza. The mural features local flora and fauna like wattle, the Rainbow Lorikeet, the Honey-eater bird, as well as handprints of local people. 

More to come! We hope you enjoy your new, refreshed alfresco dining experience.  

Questions? Click here to contact our friendly Customer Service Team.