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Kids Party Planning

View Anita's go to list for party planning to take the stress out of the planning process.

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Back to School

Need some assistance getting ready for the new school year? Anita Carr has some tips and tricks to help ease back into the morning routine.

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Everyday Struggles

Every day is different.  Some things you are in control of, and some things you are not.  You can choose to wake up earlier and go for a walk if you know that gives your morning a kickstart.  You can choose to be grateful for 3 things before you get out of bed to create awareness of the good things in your life. 

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Halloween Lunchboxes

Bring some spook, spunk and fun to the kids' school lunchboxes this Halloween.

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What brings you joy?

As Mums, we dedicate so much of ourselves to our kids to ensure their resilience and happiness, that we forget the things that make us happy.

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About Anita

Anita Carr is a 37-year-old Mum of three energetic and hilarious children! Zayn is 7 and her sensitive soul but so quirky and adorable. Blakely is 5 and is inquisitive, asking 20 questions a minute! She tests Anita but believes she is destined for great things and will teach her the most. Then there is 2-year-old Daxton who is the cheekiest of them all! He’s boisterous but fiercely loving and cannot live without his cuddles!

Anita is passionate about empowering and inspiring Mums after struggling to cope at different points during her motherhood journey. She has written openly on her social media platforms about how she sometimes struggles, and how she finds ways to get through. By sharing her experiences, she’s seen how other Mums then feel comfortable to open up about their own struggles. Speaking truthfully about how we manage the day-to-day is so important to Anita, because Mums tend to say they are okay when they really aren’t which can lead to mental illnesses.

Anita wants Mums to feel like they aren’t alone on their path, which is why she continues to openly share her experiences. She hopes that women will start conversations with each other and share their truths, while gaining support from each other.

Anita has a PR & Advertising degree and has worked in Event Management for over 15 years. She founded ‘Mums like to Party’: events for Perth Mums which are currently on hold for 2020. She also loves throwing parties, which is her creative outlet, and shares her tips and tricks via ‘Anita likes to Party’ on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow more of Anita’s musings on womanhood, motherhood and life over on her personal Facebook and Instagram (@anitacarrinc).