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The Versatility of a Nourish Bowl

Buddha bowls, macro bowls, bliss bowls or power bowls – whatever you call them, we love these for a healthy & easy lunch or dinner option because there are countless combinations to make, they are filled with different flavours and textures, they are a great meal prep idea and can be thrown together with whatever ingredients you have in the pantry at the end of a long week, or start of a new one!

The Anatomy of a Perfect Nourish Bowl includes:

  • A leafy base – start yours off with spinach, lettuce, kale, sprouts or your leafy green of choice
  • Veggie Layer – choose nutrient-dense options like carrot, cucumber, zucchini, mushrooms, capsicum, broccoli, snap peas. They can be raw, roasted or grilled!
  • Protein Layer – sprinkle in nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, quinoa, tempeh, tofu, eggs, fish or quality meat!
  • Carb Layer – choose a wholefood option like sweet potatoes, rice, corn, squash, beans or wild rice.
  • Fats Layer – top with a healthy fat like avocado, nute, seeds, olives, olive oil, tahini or salmon for helping your body to absorb necessary vitamins from your other nourish bowl ingredients!
  • Toppings – drizzle, scatter and scoop your favourite toppings to bring the bowl together – try quality dressings, sauces, fermented veggies, salsa, hummus, fruit, cheese, seasonings or lemon juice.

Find everything you need to make a range of versatile nourish bowls from the Fresh Food Precinct at Cockburn Gateway! Click here to view our great range of supermarkets and local grocery stores.