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The Pirates of Cockburn Gateway

DATE: 6 Jul 20 - 19 Jul 20

Ahoy me hearties! Join us for a treasure hunt at Cockburn Gateway these July School Holidays.

  1. Collect your treasure map at the Information Desk opposite Best & Less.
  2. Find the four pirates on display in centre from 9am Monday 6 July to 5pm Sunday 19 July 2020.
  3. Complete the treasure map with the names and descriptions of the four pirates. Clues will be located on the floor markers next to each pirate.
  4. Return your completed treasure map to the Information Desk to receive a free gift!*

*For the first 500 people per day.

Plus, snap a photo while you're on the hunt for pirates and upload it to social media tagging @cockburngateway and #piratesofcockburngateway for your chance to win a pirate prize pack!
Terms & Conditions apply.

Get in the spirit of the Pirates of Cockburn Gateway and create your very own pirate hats at home!

Follow these simple instructions to make your own pirate hat:

All you need is a single sheet of newspaper and some tape.

  1. Fold Top to Bottom

    Begin with a single rectangular sheet of newspaper. Fold the paper from top to bottom.
  2. Fold the Left Corner Down

    Fold one of the top corners toward the middle of the paper (it will make a triangle). Leave a margin of a few inches at the bottom of the page.
  3. Fold the Second Corner

    Fold the second corner into the middle. It can overlap the first triangle a little if necessary. Add a small piece of tape to hold them together.
  4. Fold the Brim

    Fold the bottom margin of one side of the paper up toward the middle to start making the brim of your hat. This single-fold may cover the triangles. If it doesn't, then fold the bottom strip of paper again, so the strip is covering the triangles.
  5. Finish the Brim

    Flip the hat over and fold the other bottom margin the same way you folded the other side. This may be a little harder to do without tearing the paper. If you're having trouble, put your other hand inside the hat to hold it open a little bit.
  6. Open Your Pirate's Hat

    Pull the hat open. If necessary, you can tape the brim on the corners to help the hat weather your little pirate's adventures. Place the newspaper pirate hat on your scallywag, and now you're ready to begin searching for hidden treasure and telling silly pirate jokes. For example, why was the ship shaking on the bottom of the ocean? Argh, it was a nervous wreck!


Present any of these offers in centre these School holidays.

T&Cs apply.

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