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Wine Pairing: 3 Essential Basics

Salty with champagne and dark chocolate with a bold red! Learn to match food & wine like a professional chef or sommelier with these 3 simple wine pairing tips from Laura at Claret & Co.

1. Pair your champagne with: A pinch of salty crisps. Acidity in wine pairs well with fatty and sweet foods - the salt helps balance the acidity of the bubbly! Our pick: Red Rock Deli Sea Salt crisps from Woolworths and Coles.

2. Pair your white wine with: Salty sushi or seafood. Similar to a squeeze of lemon, the acidic white wine adds a splash of citrus and sweetness to buttery seafood. Our pick: Salmon or Crumbed Prawn Nigiri from Sushi Sushi.

3. Pair your red wine with: Dark chocolate truffles! Cocoa beans are naturally fruity and help to bring our the bold, rich flavours of a red wine variety. Our pick: Dark Chocolate Truffles from San Churro

That's a very simplified food & wine pairing education for you! For a more comprehensive experience, be sure to book your spot at our Food & Wine Pairing Workshop during Eat Drink Create this August at Cockburn Gateway! Click here to find out more.